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TERMS OF SERVICE reserves the right to modify or otherwise amend this AUP without prior notice or warning. All complaints about alleged violations of this AUP should be forwarded to These complaints will be investigated fully by our department of Abuse & Fraud. Customers may only use's services for lawful purposes. Our acceptable use policy is one of zero tolerance. reserves the right to immediately discontinue service to customer without liability, refund, or continuance of any prepaid service fees. The following are unacceptable uses and shall be cause for the immediate termination of web services without notice to the customer:

Illegal Activity
Unauthorized distribution or copying copyrighted software, violation of US export restrictions, harassment, fraud, trafficking in obscene material, drug dealing, and other illegal activities. reserves the right to report such illegal activities to any and all-regulatory, administrative and/or governmental authorities for appropriate prosecution.

Unsolicited Bulk Email
The list owner is responsible for all email addresses subscribed to their list. By definition if a subscription was not solicited then it is unsolicited and should not be on your list.

User Trackng
We consider it inappropriate for anyone to track email. We explicitly disallow the usage of any user tracking facility attached to mailing list messages.

Terms and Conditions

Limitation of Liability

Look.Net, LC's liability shall be limited to computer network, hardware, or software failure on equipment that is owned and operated by Look.Net, LC, including accidental or other failure. The compensation for each incident shall be limited to no more than the refund of the charges for the month's service in which the incident occurred., LC is not responsible and assumes no liability for equipment owned or operated by others (for example: Internet infrastructure, Bell Atlantic, etc.).

Client agrees to hold harmless Look.Net, LC against any charges of liable, slander and copyright violations arising from Look.Net, LC's hosting of client's data. Client agrees that Look.Net, LC shall in no way be liable or held legally accountable for the content of client materials or information stored by or transmitted from Look.Net, LC. Look.Net, LC does not monitor content, however should Look.Net, LC in it's normal course of business discover material that in the opinion of Look.Net, LC may violate Federal, State and/ or local law, or could be construed as obscene or offensive, said materials may be removed without warning or compensation.

Look.Net, LC makes no other warranties either expressed or implied. Look.Net, LC shall in no way, be liable to client for any consequential damages that may be incurred by client or client customers. To the extent permitted by law, incidental and consequential damages caused by computer network, hardware, or software failure are not the responsibility of Look.Net, LC and are hereby excluded for both property damages and for personal injury damages, except as caused by the gross negligence or fraud of Look.Net, LC.

Prohibited Content and Activity

Client agrees to abide by all copyright, obscenity, and other laws governing content of publications in the United States of America and the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Client agrees not to "spam" to promote any business or personal ventures (internet related or not or related to the data we are hosting or not)."Spam" is defined as unsolicited mailings to lists of email addresses or postings to newsgroups whose topic are not relevant to the substance of the postings.

Look.Net, LC reserves the right to interpret whether activities constitute spamming. If Look.Net, LC determines that there is spamming, Look.Net, LC reserves the right to terminate services without advance notice and the client agrees to forfeit any prepaid funds.


Client agrees to remit all payments within fifteen days of the date of the invoice from Look.Net, LC. Failure to remit timely payment may result in the suspension of service by Look.Net, LC, other sections of this contract notwithstanding. In case of such suspension of service, client shall remain liable for all outstanding debts and under this contract. The client shall reimburse Look.Net, LC for any actual costs incurred by Look.Net, LC or it's assigns in the collection of any sums due under this contract such costs shall include Look.Net, LC's reasonable attorney's fees.

Administrator List Maintenance

Client agrees that maintenance service fees will be added to client's service fee if the client does not adequately maintain the subscriber list. For example: removing list addresses which repeatedly generate error messages (i.e. invalid address). is not associated with L-Soft International, Inc., developers of LISTSERV mailing list software. strongly supports Internet privacy and we oppose email spam. We require all our clients to sign a contract agreeing not to send unsolicited mass email to promote any of their endeavors.