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Group Discussion ListServes

The easiest way for your group to stay in touch. A message sent to the ListServe by any member, is received by all. A great team building, problem solving, and project management tool. Lists can be moderated or open. Moderators have a range of options for customization.

Announcement ListServes

Use your announcement ListServe to broadcast newsletters, alerts, special offers, meeting notices, or targeted messages to a group of people. Unlike the discussion ListServe, only approved moderators are able to send emails to an announcement ListServe.

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ABOUT LISTSERVE.COM is a division of LookNet, LC, a Virginia based Internet services firm. LookNet has provided email announcement/broadcast and discussion services since 1995. We are a small, hands-on shop offering professional one-on-one support with a human voice. Currently we host lists for over 400 clients including many trade associations, federal, state and local government agencies, religious organizations, schools and businesses. Review ListServe pricing and subscription options, or request a quote. Read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for more information.




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